Is teaching English online worth it?

Becoming a teacher, either online or face-to-face, is always a big decision as it requires a lot of passion. Teaching online has become one of the most common professions after Covid-19, and the number of new online teachers keeps increasing every day. However, just like everything, it has good things and bad things. Are you trying to collect information about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching English online? Don’t worry! With this article, I will help you make your mind up. Check the reasons why being an online English teacher will benefit you.

Nowadays, around 1.5 billion people are in the process of learning English around the world. Many countries such as China or South Korea impose daily classes to improve the use of the language. We can say that society is increasingly realizing how important learning English is for future prospects.

Demand is growing, and more and more people are hiring private teachers to learn faster. Learning English has great benefits but, have you thought about how beneficial teaching it could be for your future?

Have you ever thought that maybe learning English is really good, but teaching it can be even more significant for your future career?

Teaching English has become a job in demand as its importance increases daily. In addition, the Covid-19 crisis has increased the visibility of alternative ways of teaching and learning, for instance: homeschooling. It wasn’t all going to be negative, was it?

During this time, I have been experiencing this method myself, and it has undoubtedly become one of my favourites, as now my classes are more dynamic and enjoyable.

Also, this method gives you many positive things such as flexibility in your timetable, better organisation, among others that will be mentioned later. I invite you to continue reading this article.

You still don’t know whether to practice this profession? Here you will find the answers to decide on your future as an online English teacher, and I will offer you a series of tips that were very useful at the start of my career as an online teacher. Let’s have a look…!


Teaching sometimes can become exhausting, perhaps because of the hours you spend working or because you are not happy with the teaching method you are using. In this short article, we will explore the advantages that online teaching has and how to utilize its facilities.

Be your own boss

There are many language companies that allow you to work with them and practice this profession. However, this job allows you to work on your own, being your boss. Thus, it is the best chance to use your own rules and put in practice your own methods.

Doesn’t it sound incredible to be able to teach your way without having to follow any kind of imposed syllabus?

Create your own reputation

Little by little you will create your own reputation, hence reaching more people. After a while, depending on your teaching, you’ll get your own audience increasing your reputation.

Your students will get used to your way of teaching and your energy in the classes, and if they find positive vibes in them, they will be the ones who create that good reputation. Remember, it is important to bear in mind your availability.

Choose your time

You will be the only one responsible for the time you commit to it since you will be the only one who chooses your availability and makes your own schedule, even if you work for a company.

Find the best place

Teach wherever you want to, even at home! Working as a private tutor or as a private tutor will allow you to work from anywhere since all you need is your computer, a good internet connection and a big smile!

Make it your second job

Teaching from home opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to time management. You are free to decide what time lessons are going to be and you can plan time around these to prepare for them; in other words, creating your schedule.

This makes it an ideal candidate for a second job, especially if you are wanting more time at home, but also require a secondary income.

Have fun while teaching

‘Find a job you love, you’ll never work again’ These famous words spoken by W. Churchill can certainly be expressed when it comes to teaching from home! Using the method of working from home allows you to do it your way, tailoring it to specific students.

Online teaching allows you to enjoy the lessons as much as your students through the use of  online games, videos and other techniques utilizing modern technology.

Teaching online, like everything, has its disadvantages too, and although they may be minimal, they are also significant.

  • Organisational skills required to reduce stress
  • Income varies depending on the month.
  • Attracting the public at first can be complicated

How do you feel after reading this article? Feeling inspired? I’m sure you are!

To conclude, you must know that teaching is very enjoyable and if it is something that you truly enjoy, this is the best way to show your learning techniques because you are the one who sets your limits.

You must indeed be aware of your students’ needs and be patient because students do not fall from the sky, however, there is always a good student for a good teacher.

From my point of view as a teacher, what has helped me and motivated me the most, is to join a platform where I can advise, teach and, above all, enjoy my work. I invite you to have a look!!

Moreover, if you want to follow my steps, here you can find an article that shows all the advantages that a website can provide you. Come on! Are you going to miss it?

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