7 Reasons why you should learn English

7-Reasons- why-you-should-learn-English

It is widely known that English is a universal language and almost a requirement to success. Whether is to get the promotion you have always wanted, travel the world or expand your horizons, it is a powerful tool that will open new doors of opportunity for you. This is no secret to anyone as most students recognize the benefits of understanding English, but still, learning ANY a language is a challenge in itself. Teaching your brain to think in a whole different way (which you have to do if you want to become fluent) takes some serious effort and commitment, and it is normal to see students doubt about whether they should continue or not. When faced with such decision, use this list to remember yourself why you started learning in the first place and why it is worth it.

1. It is the language of the world

Over 50 countries list English as either their native mother tongue (the US for example) or as their official language. This makes English your way to communicate with the world. Think about a time where you were traveling abroad and you could not speak the local language. If you have done this before, you know how scary it can be. Maybe you need to find a bus stop or the nearest restroom, and you need to do it quickly. It is in these situations where having even a small knowledge of the language could do wonders for you. Although English is only the third most-spoken language by native speakers, the fact that over 1 billion people can communicate in English to some extent can make you quite confident you will be able to communicate in most circumstances.

2. You will have access to more job opportunities

Nowadays we live in a global economy where all companies want to make an impact in the world. As this globalization continues, more and more companies require that their employees speak English. To take this to the next level, there are companies that won’t allow their employees to speak their native language in their offices. This is because English became the reference language people from different cultures and backgrounds can use to communicate with each other.

3. You will have access to more and better knowledge

This is not hard to understand: Most of the content available on the internet is in English, and one of the things I love about the language is that it gives you access to an infinite amount of information that you can learn from. Many students just settle for studying English as one more subject, instead of using it to learn something new or improve the skills they already have.

For example: Let’s say you are a programmer that wants to learn English. You can see most of the best courses, books and material written in English, and being able to speak will give you an advantage over those who do not as companies will see that is easier to communicate with them than with you.

4. You can easily travel anywhere in the world

One of the scariest situations you can face when traveling to another country is that you can’t communicate with other people. From ordering food to asking for help, being able to ask for information is crucial when you are in a place you don’t know. Fortunately for you, you are most likely to find someone who can understand English so you get what you need.

Most businesses around the world understand that English is key to their business, especially those in the tourism area. They need to know English so they can communicate with potential customers and clients.

5. You will learn about a new culture

It is not a secret to anyone that language and culture cannot be separated. You need one to understand the other. When you learn English, you are not only learning words and sentence structures, but rather you will start to see the world with a new point of view, and opening yourself to that experience will help you connect with English speakers more.

It is not enough to know some basic words and sentences. To communicate well, you must know about things like tone, body language or facial expressions. You need to learn about what expressions or words are not acceptable in English-speaking cultures, as this will help you get along with your English-speaking friends and coworkers.

6. It is not as hard as it seems

When you are deep in the process, English may seem like one of the most complicated languages on earth, when in fact, it is really simple compared to other ones. The language itself is based on a 26-letter alphabet and you don’t have to remember whether words are masculine or feminine. There are fewer accents on letters to change their pronunciation. Of course there are complex sentence structures and idioms that will take you some time to master, but at a basic level, it is easier to learn than others.

7. There are so many resources available to learn

Because English is such a widespread language that can be found all around the world, there is an endless amount of resources you can use to learn it. You can find tons of resources for free on the internet. Sometimes you will find some that require a small payment, but they are often worth the money. You can watch movies, TV shows and series in English through sites like YouTube or Netflix, study online English materials for ESL students, practice English through mobile apps and even take English lessons with native English speakers without leaving your home!

I hope this encourages you to take action and start learning English. It will be an amazing experience for you that will expand your horizons in ways you did not think possible.

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