Why is learning English so important?

The English language is one of the most important communication tools in the world. This language can be a benefit for your personal and professional as it can help you in areas such as finding a job or meeting new friends. Keep reading to know why!

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to learn English. As a consequence, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. During my experience as a teacher, I have been in contact with different types of students and sometimes they wonder: “Why is it good to learn a language? What is the point of studying English?”

Personally, learning other languages has brought me many positive things. However, I cannot deny that, sometimes, I have thought about giving up because I did not feel motivated. It is overwhelming when you feel discouraged and cannot find the motivation to keep going. “Why should everyone learn English?” In this article, you will find the perfect answer. Keep your mind open and enjoy the reading!

Why should everyone learn English?

Learning English opens your mind

Learning a new language not only increases your knowledge but also allows you to discover new cultures and understand their history. Nowadays, around 1 billion people speak English around the world, doesn’t it sound crazy? And this number keeps increasing for the use of the language for business, education, and tourism and entertainment.

Now that you have this information, are you not tempted to learn English just to be able to communicate with such a big portion of the planet?

Let’s be social!

Learning English allows people to create links since it makes communication easier. Travelling around the world has always been my dream, and I aim to complete it whenever I get some free time. However, what satisfies me the most is meeting people around the world and being able to communicate with them. Learning a language makes everything easier!

Social media and English have a strong link. People usually use this language when they want to give their public opinion on an international level or respond to comments from people of other nationalities.

The list is infinite: Presidents, celebrities, scientists, etc… Every time they announce something important, they use English to reach as many people as possible. In short, we can say that English is the language of the internet and it is a strong benefit to globalisation.

The key skill for employment

Could we say that English is the language of the business? Definitely.

Knowing English is one of the skills that counts the most in your CV as it is becoming more and more essential. Companies tend to hire people with a high level of English and you get a higher chance to get a contract if you have knowledge about other languages too.

Additionally, there are countries such as Spain or Germany where students cannot complete their undergraduate and postgraduate studies unless they have a B2 certificate in English. As you can see, this is quite important for the present and future so, don’t lose your opportunity and learn it now!!


English plays a very important role in the world of entertainment because many of the original versions of the best films and TV series are in English. And, believe me, there is nothing better than watching your favourite film on V.O. Just imagine reading Harry Potter’s books in their original language!

Entertainment is becoming more and more inclusive to the extent that many teachers, including myself, recommend watching TV series and films and reading books in their original version to improve your language skills.

There is no doubt that songs written in English are a huge thing for artists regardless of their nationality. Long-life to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles! In fact, there are many artists who write in their native language but insert words or phrases in English because it is fashionable.

Don’t you think it’s time to start enjoying these songs knowing their meaning? So hurry up, and keep learning!

As you can see, learning English is pretty much compulsory nowadays as its demand is getting higher and higher. Personally, I advise you to keep learning and, when you feel that you must give it up, think about all the benefits that we have just listed! I invite you to visit my website where you can join me in my English lessons or you can find the best tips to increase your knowledge. Slow but steady, are you ready?

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